Droplet Transmission Safety Protective Glasses

Droplet transmission Safety projective Glasses,also named as Droplet transmission Safety projective Goggle,there are many kinds of protective glasses, such as dust - proof glasses, shock - proof glasses, chemical - proof glasses and light - proof glasses. The first three glasses look like the lens is colorless glass, but actually due to the different protective effect, the characteristics of the lens are significantly different,Droplet transmission Safety projective Glasses main function is to reduce the droplet spread,As a doctor or nurse wearing a Mask or N95 mask to reduce the chance of droplet infection,This type of saftety protective glasses also have such function.

The operation worker that is engaged in industrial production, some need to wear glasses operation, wear this kind of glasses is not for adornment, fashionable, but for protecting the eye from harmful element damage. Therefore, these glasses are called safety glasses.

Workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steel, glass blowing operations should wear anti-arc radiation glasses. However, the color of anti-arc radiation glasses has dark and light, which is designed according to different requirements, the choice should be based on the intensity of arc and appropriate choice. Arc light should be strong and the color should be dark. Instead, choose light-colored lenses. If the arc light intensity wear light color protective lens, then part of the infrared ray through the lens will stimulate and damage the eyes, long-term will suffer from occupational cataract; Conversely arc light is weak and wear for a long time brunet safety protective glasses, can make vision drops greatly.

Dustproof glasses are used in the environment with more dust, general lens fastness requirements are not high, no matter the type of blindfold or flat lens, the use of general flat glass lens production.

Shockproof glasses are used to prevent the small particles shot out of the piercing eye, its lens requirements shock resistance, such as lathe workers, frosted workers, stone workers should wear shockproof glasses, if these workers wear general dustproof glasses, so iron sand and gravel flying glasses were broken, the eye will be more damage. Chemical-proof glasses are resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, which other glasses do not have.

Therefore, each need to wear protective goggles operation workers, should understand the harmful factors of their working environment, wear appropriate safety protective glasses, not a random wear.

And so,the best choice is to choose the situable Droplet transmission Safety projective Glasses.